Landfill Remediation and Leachate Management

Our expertise in landfill remediation and leachate management ensures the effective handling of water generated from the biological degradation of waste, rainwater runoff, and liquids present in the waste itself. Each landfill leachate site is unique due to the variation in waste materials and local climate conditions, resulting in distinct water compositions and contaminant concentrations. PermaFlux is uniquely designed to tolerate the variability in wastewater composition, making it an ideal solution for the liquid-solid separation step in landfill and leachate projects.

Thetis Environmental.


The object of backgrinding is to reduce the wafer thickness to minimize the ‘packaged’ dimensions. The bulk of the material in the original boule is removed by backgrinding. Copious amounts of ultra-pure water are used for cooling and flushing during grinding operation. This is an outstanding application for PermaFlux as the membrane is very robust and durable and allows very high suspended solids loadings. PermaFlux can treat this wastewater with minimal pre-treatment requirements and send the clean permeate back to the process for water reuse purposes.

Algae Thickening

Our algae-thickening solutions serve as an intermediate step between photobioreactors and centrifuges, efficiently increasing the concentration of photobioreactor contents for optimal centrifuge performance. Our gentle recirculation process prevents cell rupture and maintains the vitality of algae cells, ensuring high-quality results. PermaFlux can reduce the loading on centrifuges by over 85% and minimize operating costs while reducing demand on the operator.

Thetis Environmental.