Mission Statement

Thetis is committed to developing and providing the most energy efficient crossflow membrane solutions possible. Thetis offers ultrafiltration membrane solutions to treat high-strength/high-solids wastewater in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Thetis Environmental.

Our History

Thetis started with a simple question- "How can we bring crossflow membranes into the 21st century?". Crossflow membranes, and more specifically conventional tubular membranes, have been used for decades with virtually no major breakthrough or technological advancement. Based on years of experience with PermaFlow membranes, the leadership team at Thetis learned the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the technology. Starting from the ground up, Thetis designed and developed a patented system configuration and revolutionary crossflow module design, PermaFlux. PermaFlux is the most energy-efficient crossflow UF membrane technology on the market and provides customers with a solution that has a small footprint, durable construction, and performance that won't be beaten.

Thetis Environmental

Company Description

  • Thetis Environmental manufactures PermaFlux, a cutting-edge crossflow ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology specializing in high strength/high solids wastewater treatment.
  • Thetis offers a variety of water filtration solutions from individual PermaFlux modules with engineering support all the way up to fully automated turnkey systems.
  • PermaFlux can be used in any application where UF membranes are applicable such as aerobic membrane bioreactor projects or emulsified oil separation. PermaFlux was engineered to treat high strength/high solids wastewater that is typically difficult for conventional alternatives. These applications include: anaerobic digestate filtration, agriculture (livestock) waste, landfill remediation, mining, sludge thickening, chemical production, precipitated metals, silica wafer backgrinding, and many others.
  • The patented membrane design and system configuration that is exclusively offered by Thetis are the ultimate solution for many difficult to treat wastewater processes. PermaFlux provides the same high-quality effluent and elevated solids tolerance as conventional PermaFlux processes, while using only ¼ the energy!
  • Thetis is constantly performing continuous improvement trials on our products so that we always offer customers the best solution for their water filtration needs. Each of our environmentally friendly products meets or exceeds our expectations for quality, efficiency, and performance.