Advanced Lime Softening Services

At Thetis Environmental, we specialize in providing innovative solutions to remove impurities from water in various industries.

Lime softening is used in countless applications, such as RO pre-treatment, where metals or salts need to be precipitated. RO recovery rates usually range from 50-80%. Therefore, 20-50% of the RO feed water is discharged as wastewater. With the increasing water and waste discharge cost, more companies are looking to recover and reuse RO-rejected water.

While it is possible to reuse the rejected water from an RO by feeding it directly into a 2nd RO unit, the likelihood of scaling or fouling the 2nd RO without pretreatment is rather high.

Using a PermaFlux system coupled with lime softening will reduce scaling and enhance the operation of the 2nd RO. Lime softening along with PermaFlux provides very efficient softening, silica reduction, and solids removal within a single process scheme.

RO Pretreatment

Using this treatment technique, recovery rates can be greater than 95% while assuring a substantial reduction of scaling to the RO units. This is an efficient and cost-effective method for either retrofitting existing RO systems or incorporating it into newly designed systems.

Thetis Environmental.

The Approach

Our advanced process involves a two-step approach to ensure the highest quality water for our clients:

1. Removal of Hardness through Precipitation: In this process, lime is added to the water to alter the pH levels, which in turn causes various ions to precipitate out of the solution. This results in softened water that now has precipitated salts that are able to be separated using PermaFlux.

2. Filtration using PermaFlux: Once the impurities have been precipitated out of the solution, PermaFlux is used to perform the liquid-solid separation step. Clean permeate is extracted and sent away for reuse, downstream treatment, or disposal. PermaFlux concentrates the precipitates to very high concentrations, helping reduce disposal fees.


Lime Softening

In addition to UF membrane filtration, Thetis Environmental also offers lime softening services for further water treatment and conditioning. Our comprehensive range of solutions ensures that your water needs are met with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.