Aerated Membrane Bioreactor Solutions

The MBR represents an advanced version of the conventional activated sludge process, with PermaFlux UF modules replacing clarifiers. This evolution brings substantial enhancements, including superior effluent quality, increased biodegradation rates, a smaller footprint, reduced sludge production, and potential for reuse. MBR's excels in treating moderate-strength industrial wastewater, effectively removing organic pollutants and nutrients while retaining biomass within the bioreactor for consistently high-quality, clear, and pathogen-free effluent.

At Thetis Environmental, we provide the solution to the liquid-solid separation step, including taking the mixed liquor from the bioreactor, extracting clean water, and returning concentrated biomass to the bioreactor.

Thetis Environmental.

How It Works

Our cutting-edge membranes play a crucial role in the process, removing water from the bioreactor that is free of suspended solids while retaining the necessary biomass. This results in a more efficient and cost-effective treatment.

Increased Efficiency

For optimal solids control and waste reduction, our PermaFlux technology can thicken biomass up to over 5% of total suspended solids, significantly reducing the volume of waste produced and the associated disposal costs. By feeding tertiary thickening systems, such as filter presses or belt thickeners, with a denser liquid, PermaFlux enhances their efficiency and reduces the required size of the unit, further improving overall performance.