Advanced Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Solutions

At Thetis Environmental, we provide liquid-solid separation systems for Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) solutions that combine the efficiency of anaerobic digesters with advanced membrane filtration technology. Our PermaFlux membrane units are typically set up as a kidney system, continuously removing liquid from the digester, extracting clean permeate, and returning concentrated digestate to the digester. 

Thetis Environmental.

Optimized Operation

AnMBR solutions are not constrained by dissolved oxygen levels and oxygen transfer rates like traditional aerated MBR systems. As a result, systems can operate at much higher solids concentrations, which are typically limited by the liquid-solid separation step (i.e., membrane filtration).

PermaFlux offers higher solids tolerance compared to alternative technologies. By using PermaFlux the anaerobic digester can operate at elevated concentrations, effectively reducing the required size and footprint of the digester while maintaining optimal performance.


  • Able to concentrate digestate to high total suspended solids levels
  • Low energy consumption compared to alternative crossflow membranes
  • High packing density results in a small system footprint
  • Customizable system design allows modules to be installed in whatever space is available