Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Mining Industry

At Thetis Environmental, we understand the challenges faced by the mining industry, particularly in regard to optimizing water usage and wastewater management. Water is an essential component of the mining process as it is utilized in numerous stages, such as extraction, processing, and cleaning. Managing the wastewater generated from these processes is crucial to avoid environmental contamination. Adhere to regulatory requirements, and maximize the lifespan of the mine.


Our Solution- Mitigating Risk and Reducing Costs

Unfortunately, there is currently no widespread cost-effective method to treat mining wastewater. The common practice of storing wastewater in tailings ponds poses serious environmental risks, as spills or breaks can lead to devastating consequences for the local environment and result in substantial fines for the mining company.

However, Thetis Environmental offers innovative on-site wastewater treatment solutions that can significantly extend the life of a mine, sometimes even doubling its operational lifespan.

By implementing PermaFlux, Thetis’s state-of-the-art UF wastewater treatment technology, mining companies can effectively mitigate environmental risks, reduce costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and extend the lifespan of the mine. Additionally, Permaflux provides potential water reuse opportunities.

Trust Thetis Environmental to provide reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions for your mining operations.

Thetis Environmental

Trusted Expertise

Moreover, our water treatment solutions can be easily paired with precipitation pre-treatment methods such as lime softening to remove dissolved solids and hardness effectively. With Thetis Environmental, you can trust our expertise to deliver tailored and efficient solutions for all your water treatment needs in the mining industry.